Peak Engineering & Design’s experience with the design of commercial properties is second to none. To work in this environment, Peak Engineering & Design’s staff has created a reputation for excellence. We understand that commercial development is a small community and a stellar reputation is essential to a project’s forward progress. Peak Engineering & Design’s staff garners respect from the various parties in the project team. We know commercial developers are experienced and well informed, so we listen to your needs in order to clearly understand what your project requires before we begin our designs. Our staff coordinates with the project team members, including Architects, Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical designers, Tenants, Federal, State, County and local review agencies, and, most importantly, the Developer to insure proper paper-to-field translations.

Peak Engineering & Design understands what drives commercial development and is sensitive to our clients’ needs in each and every phase of the project. From working with national accounts to tenant specific requirements, we can meet all your needs from planning to construction. We realize that tenants change and, therefore, designs need to be fluid.

No site is too small and no challenge too large. With commercial design, experience matters!