About Peak Engineering & Design

Peak Engineering & Design is a comprehensive Civil Engineering and Land Planning company providing services in land planning, zoning, infrastructure design, storm water design, project approvals, construction administration, site inspections and investigations. Peak is conveniently located in Apex, NC and serves clients throughout the Southeastern US.

Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide high quality, on time and cost effective Civil Engineering and Land Planning Services with an unwavering moral compass to protect the public’s health, safety and welfare.

We believe:

  • people should be respected and valued;
  • our clients deserve our unwavering commitment to their goals;
  • creativity and inspiration lead to big ideas;
  • honesty and integrity provide the foundation of everything we do; and
  • responsive and open communication is critical to the success of every project.

Peak Engineering & Design, PLLC is proud to work with clients who share the same philosophy and values.

Our Founder

Peak Engineering & Design was founded by Jeff Roach, PE, who serves as President and CEO. Mr. Roach has been designing and permitting Site Development projects since 1994. His responsibilities have included site planning and design, storm water management design and installation, water distribution systems, sanitary sewer collection systems, infrastructure design and inspections, project development, client coordination, project management, agency approvals, construction administration and construction management. Mr. Roach has worked on Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Office and Municipal projects throughout the Southeast.

During his career, Mr. Roach has worked with hundreds of clients to coordinate new projects from initial design through construction. This coordination includes making initial client contact, performing due diligence, preparing engineering design calculations, completing design drawing reviews, obtaining the required permits and approvals through State and local agencies and determining strategies to attain the client’s goals while adhering to State and Local requirements. His expertise lies in client relationship and development, site design and approvals.

As a Storm Water and Design Engineer, Mr. Roach has designed numerous Storm Water detention and retention facilities, sand filter designs, pocket wetlands, bioretention areas and other State approved BMPs and water quality/quantity control structures. His experience and education provide an invaluable service to his clients, helping them explore options throughout the design and approval stages. Mr. Roach is trained in Urban Storm Water topics, including pond impoundment design and permitting, State of North Carolina BMP Inspection & Maintenance, Haested Methods’ QTR-55 and PondPack Design Software, Case Studies in Storm Water Management, Wetland Mitigation – Design and Permitting, North Carolina’s Neuse River Storm Water Requirements and alternate pavement structure designs, including the use of porous concrete.

His experience includes the design of storm water facilities and infrastructure for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, the Durham County Engineering Department, the City of Durham Engineering and Planning Departments, Habitat for Humanity, the Durham Housing Authority, Durham Technical Community College and hundreds of private clients including residential, commercial, office and industrial clients.

As Project Manager, Mr. Roach has had responsibility for the full spectrum of Site Development, including client coordination, initial site planning, conceptual designs, detailed engineering design, approval and permitting, construction administration, contractor coordination, final inspections and certifications. With each project, Mr. Roach has embraced a new set of challenges, including a wide variety of topography from mountains to coast, different municipalities, each with different a design standard and local approval process, changing environmental regulations and coordination between local consultants, designers and contractors. Each challenge is an opportunity to help his client succeed – an opportunity that Mr. Roach thrives on.