Storm Water Design

Peak Engineering & Design understands the importance of water and the increasing need to conserve this vital natural resource. It is imperative to integrate effective storm water design without compromising the natural environment. This can be done by investigating all possibilities during the design phase. Each storm water challenge on a site is a puzzle to be solved through the combination of technology, knowledge gained in cutting-edge training and previous experience.

Our team has specific experience dealing with complex issues such as:

  • Flood Plain Management and Mitigation where economically viable development into previously untouchable areas is required;
  • Development in regulated flood plains, uncharted lowlands and coastal regions;
  • Wetland and stream minimization and avoidance; and
  • Watershed Planning, erosion control, surface water runoff and impoundments.

A well-planned project addresses the impact of a site’s environmental constraints, including water resources, as early as possible to avoid future delays. Solid information concerning exposure can pay huge dividends in the end, including time and money. Peak Engineering & Design’s experienced staff will guide you through the process of identification, planning, design, approval and implementation, which can save hundreds of hours of redesign and months of possible delays.